Bas C. van Fraassen       The Empirical Stance

The Terry Lectures at Yale University, Fall 1999; published April 2002; paperback 2004
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Collections of Critical Articles & Reply

The articles in these books span publications from The Scientific Image through The Empirical Stance

Bas C. van Fraassen, The Fortunes of Empiricism
ed. Andreas Berg-Hildebrand and Christian Suhm. Frankfurt: ontos verlag, 2006

Images of Empiricism: Essays on Science and Stances, with a Reply from Bas van Fraassen
ed. Bradley Monton. Oxford University Press, 2007.
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  • Anjan Chakravartty
    "Stance Relativism: Empiricism versus Metaphysics", Studies In History and Philosophy of Science Part A 35, Issue 1 (March 2004), 173-184.

  • Rowbottom, D.P.
    "The Empirical Stance vs. The Critical Attitude", South African Journal of Philosophy, 24, 3(2005), 200-223.

  • Jaeger, Lydia
    "Bas van Fraassen on Religion and Knowledge: Is There a Third Way beyond Foundationalist Illusion and Bridled Irrationality?", American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 80 (2006), 581-602.
  • See also her Lois de la nature et raisons du coeur : les convictions religieuses dans le débat épistémologique contemporain, Peter Lang, Bern, 2007

  • van Inwagen, Peter "Impotence and Collateral Damage: One Charge in Van Fraassen's Indictment of Analytical Metaphysics", Philosophical Topics 35 (2007): 67-82.
  • van Inwagen, Peter "The New Anti-Metaphysicians", (Presidential Address, APA Central 2009) Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 83 (2009)#2: 45-61.

    Eds.: Darrell P. Rowbottom and Otavio Bueno
    Special issue Synthese 178 #1 January 2011

    Otavio Bueno, Matthias Steup, Peter Bauman,
    Anjan Chakravartty, Paul Teller, Jon Williamson, James Ladyman, E. J. Lowe, Darrell P. Rowbottom, Matthew Ratcliffe, Ward E. Jones, Alan Richardson,
    Reply: Bas C. van Fraassen

  • Book Symposium, in Philosophical Studies, November 2004, Volume 121 (Issue: 2):

    • 127-132 Bas C. van Fraassen Précis of The Empirical Stance
    • 133-146 James Ladyman - Empiricism versus Metaphysics
    • 147-158 Peter Lipton - Epistemic Options
    • 159-170 Paul Teller - What is a Stance?
    • 171-192 Bas C. van Fraassen Replies to discussion on the empirical stance

  • APA Pacific Division 2004 symposium.

    • Reply to Chakravarrty, Jauernig, and McMullin
Corrections to the book: The index lists pages 118 and 221 for T. H. Green; that should be 118 and 210. The critique mentioned on page 210 and in the note appended there is in the edition of Hume's Treatise listed under Hume in the bibliography.
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